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Adolf Vinnen - 1923

The last of the big sailing ships to be wrecked in the Lizard Point area - the five-master Adolf Vinnen - was only three months out of her launching cradles and on her maiden voyage from Kiel to Barry for coal when, on 9 February, 1923, she was driven by a full southerly gale into Green Lane Cove , just under the now disused Lloyds Signal Station and between Bass and Hot Points. The crew of 24 were rescued by breeches buoy to the cliffs above.

The 1840-ton 262ft long Adolf Vinnen was unusual in that she was also powered by two massive diesel engines, but this didn't save her. Her wreckage is right out of the tide, but subject to ground swell in south or south-east winds. She is in two main parts, with her frames and some of the hull standing clear of the rock-and-sand bottom in 12m, and the diesels and shafts still there at 49 57 54; 05 11 01W.

Adolf Vinnen was built in 1922 by Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft, Kiel. Launched in December 1922, she was yard number 420. She was built for F A Vinnen & Co, Bremen.

On 9 February 1923, during her maiden voyage from Kiel Germany to Barry, Glamorgan, Wales, Adolf Vinnen was driven ashore at Bass Point, Cornwall, United Kingdom in a gale. The Lizard lifeboat attended the ship, Her crew of 24 was rescued by breeches buoy from the cliffs above the wreck. Adolf Vinnen was the last large sailing ship wrecked in the Lizard area. The wreck lies in 12 metres (39 ft) of water.

Name: Adolf Vinnen

Owner: F A Vinnen & Co

Port of registry: Weimar Republic Bremen, Germany

Builder: Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft

Yard number: 420

Launched: December 1922

In service: February 1923

Out of service: 9 February 1923

Fate: Wrecked

General characteristics

Tonnage: 1,840 GRT

Length: 79.90 m (262 ft 2 in)

Beam: 10.40 m (34 ft 1 in)

Depth: 5.80 m (19 ft 0 in)

Propulsion: Sails, two diesel engines.

Sail plan: Barquentine

Complement: Up to 45

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